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DarkComet Download is a remote access trojan (RAT) created by Jean-Pierre Lesueur, a French independent programmer, and computer security coder. Although the RAT was created in 2008, it just became popular around the beginning of 2012. The application was canceled, in part because it was used to monitor activists during the Syrian civil war, but also because its creator was afraid of being jailed for unspecified reasons. The program’s development “has ended indefinitely” as of August 2018, and downloads are no longer available on its official website.

These data may be transferred to a location specified by the creator. DarkComet RAT Free Download allows users to operate the system through an interface that is graphical. It comes with a variety of features that permit users to make use of it as a remote help tool. However, has many features that could be misused. DarkComet Torrent Key is often used to track users by recording screenshots as well as key-logging and theft of passwords. The program could be packaged with online free software, or hidden as harmless software and distributed through email.

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Additionally, the software could be installed on websites with software security holes. Infections that happen through this method are typically non-sensical and happen without consent or knowledge. DarkComet Keygen is also part of RAT Malware Software which grants users control over the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of another person’s Computer System. This software is loaded with features that a user could make use of as an Administrative remote assistance tool. The DarkComet is also a tool to carry out malware or malicious tasks that could harm your Computer System.

DarkComet License Key Full Setup (Portable) 2023

DarkComet Download is used to regulate the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the Computer System. The initial RAT malware program was created in the year 2008, and the number of users began to expand rapidly at the beginning of 2012. There is also a server-side socket that is opened, and after that devices wait for packets to arrive from the controller before it will execute the commands received. This is a powerful kind of software, specifically for remote control of every Microsoft Windows device. It is regarded as one of the most reliable and comprehensive RATs available. Download Form CrackRex.net.

Similar to VNC and other similar programs, DarkComet Serial Key offers the ability to control and connect your systems from wherever you may be. All Remote Administration Tool gives users the capability to manage other systems remotely from their desktop. It is the features offered by the tool that make it one of the best on the market. DarkComet’s version is a top RAT due to the variety of features that it provides users. Thus, download DarkConnect Full Version and take pleasure in keeping your eyes on your loved ones without any hassles.

The reason for making use of it during the war was to watch activists as well as the creators or users of it guard themselves against being arrested due to various reasons. As of August 2018, the creation of this program was banned and stopped. The procedure that is involved in DarkComet Download Key execution is fairly straightforward. The first thing is to connect the server to the client and grant permission for the client to monitor and monitor the server. DarkComet Crack Download Key at this point it is possible to use all of the features that include the GUI available to the client.

What Are The Feature Darkcomet Crack?

  • Network features
  • Server Actions5
  • Network Gate
  • Active Ports
  • Download Link
  • Network Posts
  • IP Scanner
  • Browse page
  • Wi-Fi hotspots:
  • IP/Port Forwarding
  • Computers with LAN connections
  • Server actions
  • Server restart
  • Uninstall the server
  • remote editing server
  • Download and run
  • Server shut down
  • computer lock
  • Spy Features
  • keylogger
  • audio capture
  • Webcam capture
  • remote desktop
  • Update server
  • From -file
  • from URL
  • Computer power
  • to be closed
  • extinguish
  • About
  • Restart

What’s New In This Software?

  • There are two obligatory programs that must be completed.
  • If you encounter any type of error when installing DarkComet Download
  • You can then download the software and install this program to fix the problem and ensure ease of use.
  • The article examines the background of RATs, and then we discuss the past and the malicious use of
  • DarkComet Free Download in the last few years.

darkcomet license key

Advanced Features Of Darkcomet Download

  • Options for modules in DARKCOMET
  • The server executable will be melted immediately following the initial run.
  • The attributes of a file (select multiple attributes, default none) Hidden system, file, temporary read-only
  • Performance and discretion options
  • The attributes of a path (select multiple options, default none) include hidden file, system temporary, read-only
  • This Hide Explorer stub and associated tools for managing files
  • Hide the Msconfig start-up Key (32-bit only)
  • It hides the primary browser stub, as well as any associated tools for managing files.

Darkcomet (RAT) Free Download 2023

  • Spying Capabilities

This allows you to monitor on many devices. It is installed with a discreet method and doesn’t require a large number of resources from the system. This makes it inaccessible to security software or any concerns by the person using it. It is able to read messages, look for files and read messages from chat applications such as Messenger or WhatsApp on desktops. It is also possible to do this on Android devices with the AndroRAT App.

  • Network Capabilities

This turns DarkComet RAT Download 2023 into a completely new tool. It includes all the features that other utility tools such as Wireshark provide.

  • On-system Capabilities

After it has infected the victim with RAT you control 95 percent of the data on your desktop. It lets you see the running processes, as well as access the command prompt, files and many other folders.

  • Server Capabilities

It also functions across various server operating systems. That is the case with Linux, Windows Server 2016 as well as Windows Server 2023.

Benefits Of DarkComet RAT Keygen

  • Remote edit server
  • Download and run
  • Server closed
  • Computer lock
  • Espionage activities
  • Key Logger Program
  • Record the sound
  • Capture the webcam
  • Remote Desktop
  • Server update
  • From the file
  • From URL
  • Computer power
  • Chat Online
  • Mailbox
  • Also, the Fun director
  • Piano
  • Microsoft Reader

Pros And Cons:


  • Completely free and open source.
  • The large community shares new rulesets and configurations so system administrators can discover new RATs and evolving threats.
  • Supports packet sniffing for live traffic analysis combined with log scanning.


  • Depends on the community for support.
  • Has a steeper learning curve than other products with special support.
  • Would like to see more out-of-the-box features.

DarkComet RAT Activation Key:


DarkComet Download Serial Key:


Other Details:

  • It the properly tested on all windows operating systems.
  • After fulfilling their requirements.

System Requirements:

  • Works with the latest versions of Windows
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 1 GB of RAM required
  • 150 MB of storage

How To Install DarkComet Download?

  1. First, download DarkComet RAT Crack from the below link.
  2. Install on your computer.
  3. Then paste the copy file into the installed folder
  4. That’s all. Enjoy the latest version.

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Conclusion About DarkComet:

DarkComet is a free and popular remote control tool. This program is an effective type of software, especially for remote control of any Microsoft Windows device. It is known as one of the most stable and complete RATs out there. Like VNC and other similar software, DarkComet Download 2023 offers the ability to connect and control your systems from wherever you are. Fully stable, fast, and secure windows remote administration tool. It connects back to your victim’s pc very fastly when your victim will run your payload on his pc.

Additionally, the download files of this malicious application aren’t accessible on the official site of the software. It’s a no-cost and widely used Remote Management tool. The main purpose of DarkComet Activation Key is to monitor or monitor your targets using Password Stealing, Screen Captures Key-Logging and Password Stealing. Jean-Pierre Lesueur is a security computer programmer and self-reliant programmer from France. The DarkComet can also be used for performing malicious or malware tasks to harm one’s Computer System. 

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